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Clover is your personal financial advisor and investment manager: we help you build 🔨 and grow 📈  your investments online.*

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Jason, 25y/o

“I’m saving for a home. My savings account gave me next to nothing, so I moved my money to Clover. I’m really glad I did—the returns have been better than I expected.” Read more


Kyle, Ashna & Richenda

“Clover helps us set and track our monthly savings goal, and automatically manages our investments. We’re thrilled with the results.” Read more


Justin Dry
Co-founder of Vinomofo

“I’ve been waiting for something like Clover to hit the Australian market for a long time. Love the model and the people behind it. Happily investing with this team.”


Zhoe, 25y/o

“I used to manage my own investments, but switched to Clover to save time (and stress!). It was simple to open an account, and your team was really patient and helpful with my questions. Thank you!” Read more

Kick your "high interest" account to the curb!

Compare results from a savings account to Clover:

Graph comparing results of $20k invested with Clover ($60,607) versus sitting in a high interest savings account ($36,830)

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The above results are by nature illustrative only, and do not represent actual or expected returns that any particular investor might experience. The return assumptions for Cash and the Balanced Portfolio are based on data contained in the Russell Investments/ASX 2016 Long-term Investing Report, calculated on a pre-tax and post-fee basis for the 10 years to 31 December 2015. The above comparison in no way constitutes advice to invest in any particular portfolio managed by Pty Ltd. Should you wish to receive a portfolio recommendation, you can do so by entering the Clover advice portal and receiving a personalised Investment Program.

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😎Invest like a pro

Clover recommends and builds you a personalised investment portfolio tailored to your unique circumstances and investor profile.

Our approach

💸Unlimited deposits

Contribute when and how it suits you! Clover absorbs all brokerage and trading fees so you don’t get penalised for investing often.

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📈Historically better returns

We use a diversified, low cost, passive investment approach, which has shown to be the best strategy to build wealth for the long term.

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🌏Ethical investment option

Invest smart and do good. With Clover's Socially Responsible Investments, your investments will put future you — and the world — in a better place.

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💲Affordable & transparent

Fees start at $5 per month, based on your balance. No exit fee, no hidden charges.

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👋Genuine human support

Real help from real humans based in Melbourne, Australia. Call us, email us, meet the team or chat with us:

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