Focus on your clients.
Leave the paperwork to us.

Clover for Advisers makes it easy to grow your business and service clients earlier in their wealth creation journey. Our automated onboarding seamlessly generates and executes an SOA within minutes. Clover’s MDA lets you focus your time on client relationships - not on tedious administrative tasks.

No paperwork

Let us take care of the basics.

Focus on clients

Prioritise your time where it matters most.

Grow your business

Service customers earlier in their investment journey.

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How it works

Clover for Advisers combines the efficiencies and low costs of robo-advice with the relationship management and personalised expertise of a financial adviser. Our smart technology automates the labourious process of onboarding new clients.

White labelling

Our user-friendly onboarding engine and dashboard can be customised to fit your brand. We'll incorporate your logo and brand colours to make it distinctly your own.

Investment strategy

Invest your clients' assets in one of Clover's passive ETF portfolios, or offer your own ETF-based portfolios to your clients.

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