We built Clover to help all Australians reach their financial goals. Whether you’re saving for a home, your child's education or your dream retirement, Clover helps grow your investments and reach your goals faster.


Join in minutes. Open your account online - no mail-in forms or in-person visits required.


We use bank level security to keep your money safe.


We’ve partnered with Macquarie Bank to provide a personalised account for your investment contributions.

Your Portfolio With Clover

Using Nobel Prize winning investing principles, we’ll build you a customised, low-cost portfolio tailored to your level of risk.

There's no initial set-up or account opening fees, no advice fees, and no rebalancing fees. You get a better investment experience, for a fraction of the cost of traditional financial advisors. No contracts. No exit fees. No hassles.

Enhanced Cash

A mix of bank deposits, term deposits & short money market securities.

Fixed Income

Bonds issued by high-quality companies and the Australian government.

Global Developed Market Shares

Shares in over 1,500 of the world’s largest companies listed across the US, Europe & Japan.

Australian Shares

Investments in nearly 200 Australian listed companies.

Australian Listed Property

Australian property including shopping centres, office buildings, warehouses & residential property.

Emerging Market Shares

Investments in over 3,500 of the largest companies in emerging economies such as Brazil, China & India.

All of our portfolios are built using ETFs that passively track the market, which the vast majority of academic research shows is the best approach for consistent investment performance. Our ETFs are carefully selected for low management fees and high diversification so that costs and unnecessary risk are both minimised.

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How Clover Puts Your Money To Work


Decide how much to invest

There’s no withdrawal fee and you can take out your money whenever you like. Our minimum investment is $10,000.


Get personalised investment advice

Joining Clover is quick and easy. Simply fill out your details, and we’ll recommend an investment portfolio based on your goals, comfort with risk, and stage of life.


Setup monthly contributions

You know you should be saving regularly. Now you can automate it, and make your money work harder. There’s no additional fee for deposits or brokerage.



Sit back and watch your money work. We monitor your investments and rebalance them when needed.

The graph above shows how $50,000 invested in Clover Model Portfolios would have performed since inception (February 2016) to 30 June 2020.

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns published are total returns and are net of ETF fees and Clover fees (based on the fee tier for $50,00 average balance). Returns do not include franking or tax credits. Actual performance of your portfolio may vary from the published Model Portfolio returns due to the timing of your initial investment, on-going contributions, withdrawals and rebalancing.

The above performance is general in nature and does not take into account any personal circumstances. Please carefully consider the comments above and all our disclosure documents before deciding to invest with Clover.

Why Use Clover?

Low Fees, Full Transparency

We use low-fee ETF funds and smart technology to keep our monthly fees low.

Safety & Security

We protect your information using bank-level security, with your investments held in your name.

Automatic Portfolio Management

We do all the heavy lifting for you. Your portfolio is automatically rebalanced as the market changes.

Socially Responsible Investing

Investing that's good for your wallet and the world. All portfolios have SRI options available.

Passive Investing Pays Off

Our investment strategy is based on the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which seeks to minimise risk and maximise returns through diversification.

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