Passive investing pays off

Passive investing pays off

Clover's portfolios are built on a foundation of evidence-based investing. That means we don't pick hot stocks or try to time the market. Instead, we use low-fee ETFs to build a diversified portfolio that takes into account your goals and risk profile.

We've designed our portfolios to keep costs, fees and tax impacts low.

The graph above shows how $50,000 invested in Clover Model Portfolios would have performed since inception (February 2016) to 31 December 2017.

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns published are total returns and are net of ETF fees and Clover fees (based on the fee tier for $50,00 average balance). Returns are inclusive of franking credits where applicable. Actual performance of your portfolio may vary from the published Model Portfolio returns due to the timing of your initial investment, on-going contributions, withdrawals and rebalancing.

Portfolio option Conservative Moderate Balanced Growth Aggressive
1 Year to Dec 2017 4.7% 6.4% 8.1% 10.1% 11.9%
Annualised return since inception (Feb 2016) 4.9% 6.9% 9.2% 11.4% 13.6%

The above performance is general in nature and does not take into account any personal circumstances. Please carefully consider the comments above and all our disclosure documents before deciding to invest with Clover.

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