Built on Nobel Prize winning research


Our evidence-based investment strategy

Our investment strategy is based on Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which seeks to optimise returns at each risk level through diversification. When you join Clover, we ask a series of questions that help determine your attitude towards risk. Your personal portfolio is then recommended and built based on your risk tolerance, goals, and investment timeline.
Clover portfolios are designed using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) carefully selected for low management fees and high diversification. Our portfolios hold a mix of Australian Shares, Global Shares, Fixed Income (Bonds) and Cash. All portfolios are monitored and rebalanced when required.
TL;DR We don't gamble your money chasing hot stocks or investing speculatively; instead we use an evidence based approach to give you the best predicted returns.

Australian Shares

Investments in nearly 200 Australian listed companies.

Enhanced Cash

A mix of bank deposits, term deposits & short money market securities.

Personalised portfolio

Global Developed Market Shares

Shares in over 1,500 of the world’s largest companies listed across the US, Europe & Japan.

Fixed Income

Bonds issued by high-quality companies and the Australian government.



We invest your money in a globally diversified portfolio to increase your returns while lowering your risk.

Review & Rebalance

Review & Rebalance

Stay on track to achieve your goals with periodic rebalancing to reduce unnecessary risk and improve returns.

Low Cost Investments

Low Cost Investments

We'll pick the right investments so you keep more dollars in your portfolio, and pay less in fund management fees and charges.


Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (known as ETFs), are a type of a managed fund listed on the stock exchange and traded like shares. They're low cost and highly liquid, which is why investing with ETFs has become massively popular in the last decade.
Using ETFs, we aim to track the market, which the vast majority of academic research shows is the best approach for consistent investment performance.


Globally diversified

Australia represents just a small percentage of the world’s economy, so it’s important be diversified when investing. Global diversification gives investors the ability to profit from international markets' growth, as well as protect against a fall in the Australian economy.


Invest for less

Our custom-built technology platform allows us to operate more efficiently than other investment advisers, and we pass those savings onto you. With Clover, there's no initial set-up or account opening fees, no advice fees, and no rebalancing fees. You get a better investment experience, for a fraction of the cost of traditional advisers.


Personalised recommendations

You're unique, and your financial situation is too. When you join Clover, we recommend and manage your investments based on your personal goals and circumstances.

Our Experts

A world-renowned team, working for you

Our investment team has advised on and managed billions of dollars for some of the world's largest investment funds. Now they're working for you.

Dr. Jack Gray

Dr. Jack Gray

Chair, Investment Committee

Jack was voted one of the world's top 10 investment academics.

Harry Chemay

Harry Chemay


Harry has over 18 years of experience in financial planning and investment consulting.

Sahil Kaura

Sahil Kaura

Head of Investment

Sahil has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.