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Clover and Raiz are both fast-growing investment services that use technology to make investing easier.

We might sound similar, but there are significant differences in our services and the way your investments are held. Here's a quick review:

Clover provides personal investment advice and management for people who are serious about growing their savings. Clover builds clients a personalised portfolio based on their unique circumstance, like your age, goals, and risk tolerance.

Raiz app

Raiz is aimed at micro-investing, or investing smaller amounts of money. Raiz rounds up transactions, to help users save money in the background. They also offer incentives for shopping at partner stores.

Compare the key differences

🍀  Clover
Services provided
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Advice
  • Support from Licenced Advisors
  • Investment Management
Personal investment plan

Clover is a licensed financial adviser and gives personalised recommendations.

Raiz does not give personalised financial advice.

It is up to you to select an investment strategy and decide whether it's appropriate for you.

Socially responsible option
Clover has a Socially Responsible option for all the portfolios we offer.
Raiz offers a single socially responsible investment option.
Investments held in your name

Your money remains legally yours at all stages with Clover.

Your money is invested in a pooled fund and the assets are held with a custodian.

Same-day trade verification
Goal tracking & reminders
Annual personal investment review
Transparent fees

We have a clear and transparent fee structure.

We've even built a calculator so you can see exactly what your Clover fees will be.

Additional costs may include netting spread, transaction costs, additional responsible entity fees, and dishonour fees.

Requires access to your personal savings accounts

Not required

Clover does not require access to your savings account.

We set up a Cash Management Account for you, free of charge, for you to transfer your funds into.


Raiz requires access to your personal savings account.

You may be charged non-sufficient funds fees if an attempt to invest money fails due to insufficient funds.

Investment approach

Both Clover and Raiz use ETFs to construct portfolios, which we believe is the smartest way to invest. However, there are differences in the investment philosophy and how the portfolios are put together.

Simple to switch providers?

Because you are the owner of your investments, you have the flexibility to change to another adviser without selling your investments, or incurring any additional costs.

Raiz only allows in specie transfer "upon prior agreement with the Responsible Entity." You will responsible for transaction costs and any additional fees.*

*Read more in the PDS

Minimum investment amount



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