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Which is the better service for investing?

Clover and Stockspot are both fast-growing investment services that use technology to make investing easier.

We might sound similar, but there are significant differences in our services and investment philosophies. Here's a quick review:

Clover provides professional investment advice and management for people who are serious about growing their savings. Clover builds clients a personalised portfolio based on their unique circumstances, like their age, goals, and risk tolerance.

Stockspot is a digital investment advice platform providing consumers with financial advice and investment management services.

Compare the key differences

🍀  Clover
📉  Stockspot
Personal investment plan

Clover gives personalised financial advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Stockspot gives personalised financial advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Financial services licence

Clover has its own Australian Financial Services Licence.

Stockspot is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Sanlam Private Wealth, and uses Sanlam's licence to provide advice.

Socially responsible option for all portfolios
Clover has a Socially Responsible option for all the portfolios we offer.
Stockspot only offers socially responsible options for customers investing $50,000+.
Referral program

You get $5,000 managed fee free for the life of your account when you are referred to Clover.

You get an additional $5,000 managed fee free for each friend that you successfully refer to Clover.

You get $5,000 managed fee free for 12 months only when you are referred to Stockspot.

Clear fees

With Clover, you won’t get stung with hidden fees. We charge a monthly management fee per month, and that's all.

We've even built a calculator so you can see exactly what your Clover fees will be.

Like Clover, Stockspot also charge a monthly management fee.

However, depending on your balance, Stockspot will charge an additional advice fee of $55 per annum.

Customer support

Support from real humans via email, phone and real-time live chat (except when we’re sleeping).

Questions that involve financial advice are always answered by qualified financial advisors.

Email and phone.

Investments held in your name

Your money remains legally yours at all stages with Clover.

Your money remains legally yours at all stages with Stockspot.

Investment approach

Both Clover and Stockspot use ETFs to construct portfolios, which we believe is the smartest way to invest. However, there are differences in the investment philosophy and how the portfolios are put together.

For example, Clover does not invest in gold (i.e. buy and hold gold). Gold is not a productive asset and does not generate economic growth. Many people choose not to invest in gold because it is a controversial investment.

Minimum investment amount



All Stockspot information obtained from the Stockspot website on August 3, 2017

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Jason, 25y/o

“I’m saving for a home. My savings account gave me next to nothing, so I moved my money to Clover. I'm really glad I did—the returns have been better than I expected.” Read more


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“Clover helps us set and track our monthly savings goal, and automatically manages our investments. We’re thrilled with the results.” Read more


Justin Dry
Co-founder of Vinomofo

“I’ve been waiting for something like Clover to hit the Australian market for a long time. Love the model and the people behind it. Happily investing with this team.”


Zhoe, 25y/o

“I used to manage my own investments, but switched to Clover to save time (and stress!). It was simple to open an account, and your team was really patient and helpful with my questions. Thank you!” Read more

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